Our neighbours came by for dinner

We had our neighbours over for dinner tonight but I forgot to snap a photo of them. They are a Spanish couple and the conversation around the table happened in a funny mix of English, German, and Spanish.

Shopping in Rapperswil

I went shopping in Rapperswil today, which is a town about 20 mins from our place. It was a great shopping experience mainly because be found exactly what we were looking for.

Introducing Foxtrot Charlie

I’m so happy to introduce a brand new blog to you: FOXTROTCHARLIE.CO – womaned by this lovely human. It is her birthday today and she gave herself a sweet DSLR camera as a present and is starting a photo project similar to Project 33.

Graffiti Alley in the Toronto Winter

I dragged my friend Felicia to Graffiti Alley in Toronto at the end of the workday to do an impromptu photoshoot because the sun was still out and that’s a huge turning point in the Canadian winter.