Long Beach Day

Today was incredible. Somehow in the morning, I got to find out that Guruji would be going for a private visit to the Krishna Temple in Culver City in LA and hustled over there with some friends. We enjoyed him singing to the deities and then after he left, we had a nice lunch at Govinda’s.

It was such a busy day and I didn’t take my DSLR with me so my 365 photo was a simple mirror selfie at the end of the night.

After lunch, we went over to Long Beach where Guruji gave Satsang (spiritual Q&A). Before he came down for that I got to sing on the mic! Eeek. I was so nervous and forgot a tune. Aaradhakananda had to help me out with it.

We hung around the living room after the Satsang, proper family style and had dinner together. It was like a big family reunion – one of my dreams come true.

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