Hi and welcome to Project 33.

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My 33rd year was one of the most wonderful, unexpected, and transformative years of my life. When I started Project 33, I had no idea what the journey I’d go through during this year. The entire journey is documented here.

I also have another blog where I write about what I’m learning as I grow. I mainly write about Karma and share my personal and often difficult lessons there. Check it out: TheLifester.com

Project 33 is a visual creative project to document my 33rd year on this planet in this life.


Why is this project needed? Because we don’t love ourselves enough. We are way too critical of ourselves and we are mean to ourselves. I’m the meanest person to me I know. In order to start loving yourself, you have to see yourself with the eyes of love. You are allowed to appreciate yourself, to adorn yourself, to frame yourself and to showcase the amazing creation of God that is you. When you first show yourself love, only then does the world reflect it back to you. My Guru Paramahamsa Vishwananda says this all the time. Just Love and start with yourself.


Project 33 is a 365-day visual creative project during which I will either take a photo or be in a photo every single day for 1 year. Each photo posted will be accompanied by a short description and a reflection of what happened to me that day.


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I’m happy you are here. I’d love to hear from you on Instagram – @rituashrafi.