Afro Dancehall Class in Toronto with Tarif & Suna

Afro Dancehall Class in Toronto with Tarif & Suna

I always loved to dance; not just dancing for fun but taking dance classes. When I was little and wanted to get into the arts, my Mum put me in singing classes. I would go to the big weekend arts school and instead of going into the classroom for music, I’d linger at the door of the dance classes and longingly watch the other girls learn basic Kathak and Bengali traditional dance. That’s as close to formal dance instruction as I got until much later in my life.

When I was in University, a friend dragged me along to a Bellydance class and I immediately got hooked. There was something about being taught to move, listen to music, to improvise, and just enjoy myself! I continued taking Bellydance classes for the next 7 years.

After I moved to Sydney and felt completely cut off from all the things I loved, I decided that I’d start dancing again and took a Dancehall class at Dance Central in Sydney. It was so high energy and I love the music so it uplifted me like nothing else.

When I heard that my friend’s brother Tarif was about to teach his awesome moves in a workshop, I signed up right away. It was super fun! I highly recommend learning to dance with Tarif and Suna. Follow them on Instagram – Tarif & Suna, to check out their sick moves!

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