My 33rd year was one of the most wonderful, unexpected, and transformative years of my life. When I started Project 33, I had no idea what the journey I’d go through during this year. I started the year as a Brahmacharini, began working at a great startup, in one of the most challenging and rewarding roles of my career, made incredible friends, experienced clinical depression, recovered, traveled, fell in love, got engaged, and moved to Switzerland.

Come on a journey with me and flip through the pages of this transformative year.

A year to remember

Birth of a new devotee – May 24

Location: Los Angeles Date: May 24 How: During Darshan with Paramahamsa Vishwananda My close friend and fellow Atma Kriya Yogi who has been following Paramahamsa Vishwananda’s teachings for about a year and a half now finally got the chance to ask him in person whether he’s her Guru.

Long Beach Day

Today was incredible. Somehow in the morning, I got to find out that Guruji would be going for a private visit to the Krishna Temple in Culver City in LA and hustled over there with some friends.

LA to Bellingham

B We arrived in Bellingham today and I flew with Gurudev on the same plane! Aaah! It was also my first time in the West Coast (apart from going to LA with my family when I was 17) and it was my first time seeing the Rockies.

Paramahamsa Vishwananda in Bellingham

D Follow my Guru Paramahamsa Vishwananda on Twitter @vishwananda. The Darshan today was pretty amazing. I didn’t get to work very much which is very unusual for me since I’ve had a pretty intense job at the last 5 Darshans I’ve been in.

Lynn Valley Park

L We went to Lynn Valley Park today to check out the Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge and the rainforest. Going around Vancouver and enjoying the rainy day was truly a treat.

Partner in Crime at Logojoy

Meet Melissa. She’s the Director of PR at Logojoy, where I work as well. This photo was taken shortly after we both joined the company and turned up to work in the exact same outfit!


This is Brosco. He’s the best friend of Chris, from Toronto Creatives. We work out of the same coworking space in Toronto.

Ping Pong Break

I have a tendency to work like a maniac during a certain phase of the month. It’s my natural rhythm of productivity and the flip side of this is intense relaxation.

Off the shoulder

I had total sensory overload today. A couple of things contributed to that. First, this shirt. I’d been looking for a classic off the shoulder shirt for a week and found this randomly at the tween store, Ardene.

Meditation in the Park

I’ve been meditating regularly for almost 5 years now and daily for the last 3 years. Here’s the full story. It is the single most important activity in my life.

Crop Top & Palazzo Pants

Shopping for clothes is such an emotion driven thing for me. I went through a phase of about 1 year when I lived in Sydney, Australia where I didn’t shop much at all except for a massive splurge at Kookai once or twice.

Don’t Go

I had to say goodbye to a friend at the airport yesterday. It broke my heart in a whole new way.

Happy Birthday Mum

It was Mum’s birthday yesterday. She turned 66. It’s interesting that she’s exactly double my age now. Her poetry has the power to move anyone to tears.

Strength to fight

Knowing your weaknesses because people who love you enough will point them out to you, and also through self-reflection, and then believing that you’re strong enough and equipped with enough skills, talent and intuition to overcome your weaknesses –

Strong enough to be silent

This is my friend Saranya. She’s strong AF. Some key things you need to know about her: I was her for about 5 months in university when she lent me her expired driver’s license so I could get into bars.

Caruda and Me

Do you ever give inanimate things names? Doesn’t it somehow make those things more alive and more meaningful to you? I once named my laptop “Lappy”

It’s Only words

Pictures speak a thousand words – that’s a fact. I was questioned today by two people who are very important to me about the intention behind the pictures I share on this blog.

I love you

I’ve loved writing by hand ever since I got the freedom to choose the script and style I wanted to use instead of the one that my teachers forced on me.

This Human

This is Louisa, my baby sister. It’s really interesting to witness a person going from being a kid or a teenager, and transitioning from an adolescent to an adult.

Dinner for Two

The first time your beloved cooks you dinner is a special event. And when the food tastes delicious, it’s even more memorable.

Portraits in a day

Went on a mini-runaway-cation to see Bae. He took these really awesome pics of me. I’m blessed that he’s such a great photographer.

By Lake Zurich

There was a really cool event by Lake Zurich today called Slow Up. Luckily I was there at that time and got to participate.

A Wedding

My friend and fellow Bhakti Marga devotee, Sati got married today to the little brother of another friend, Cristiano Tiozzo. I am so happy for the beautiful couple and so blessed that I could somehow witness the incredible ceremony.

Dancing the night away during Navaratri

The last time I spent Navaratri at my ashram Shree Peetha Nilaya was in 2013. Had to wait 4 years to experience it again but I’m so grateful that the Divine Mother and Gurudev gave me the opportunity to be at the epic Bhakti Marga Navaratri celebrations again.

Sharanagata Vatsala Narasimha Dev

Today was a combination of easy and difficult. I’ve been dealing with a personal problem for the last 3-4 weeks. A change has come into my physical surroundings, namely in my office building, and it’s bothering me.

Baby Zack

I traveled to Montreal today to see my childhood friend Melina and to meet her first baby, Zack. Mel is the first good friend I made in Canada when I moved here at the age of 13.

Just Love Hat

My coworker was wearing this kick-ass hat today with such a cool message. I loved it even more because this message of “Just Love”


We celebrated Halloween by dressing up for work today. We had a T Bird from Grease, a Superman, a historic Duke Leopold, Wayne + Garth from Wayne’s World (the best movie ever), a sleepy person, a skeleton, a copy-cat, a Unicorn, and a News anchor (me).

St. Lawrence Market on a Saturday

Went to St. Lawrence Market today to stroll around, grab a coffee and something sweet. Unfortunately, the most memorable thing when you walk in is being assaulted by the smell of raw fish and meat.

Lunch at Wilbur

I had lunch with an ex-boss today. We caught up with each other about work, life, travels, family. As usual, it was a pleasure!

New Hair, New Direction

I’ve been going through a really tough time lately. Some of the causes of this are some big changes in my life, broken expectations, and probably the change in weather.

No Photo Today

I didn’t take a photo today because I was just so tired that I was falling asleep mid-conversation by 11:30pm. We had some guests over for dinner, our tenant and his girlfriend.

Changing Places

It was a very interesting day today. It started off with a mix of emotions – mainly anger and drive. Then some things happened, some meetings and conversations and the tension was dissipated.

Sunset over Lake Zurich

I was so lucky to be able to spend Christmas with Ben and his family this year. The alternative was to stay in Toronto by myself since Mum is in Bangladesh right now.

Life in a Snow Globe

Toronto is in the middle of the weirdest storm system right now. Yesterday it went up to 12°C. This morning it was 9°C and right now it plummetted to -6°C and it’s only 4pm.

Teaching Meditation to my Office

One of my lifelong goals was accomplished today. I taught meditation in my office! The opportunity came when our Head of Talent, Emma, sent a message to the whole office asking for suggestions about what we’d like to learn about in our weekly lunch and learns.

Introducing Foxtrot Charlie

I’m so happy to introduce a brand new blog to you: FOXTROTCHARLIE.CO – womaned by this lovely human. It is her birthday today and she gave herself a sweet DSLR camera as a present and is starting a photo project similar to Project 33.

Shopping in Rapperswil

I went shopping in Rapperswil today, which is a town about 20 mins from our place. It was a great shopping experience mainly because be found exactly what we were looking for.

A me-time day

I had the day to myself today because Bae was on a few flights, and indulge I did. Took my time, did my hair, some journaling, some TESL studying, and cooked a mean spaghetti for lunch.