Canon Nifty Fifty, Brunch, Farewell

I finally bought a Canon fixed focus lens! The Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens AKA Canon Nifty Fifty to be precise. Here’s the first photo I took with the new lens.

I’d wanted this lens for about 1.5 years! It took a while but I saved up and it was my birthday gift to myself.

Canon Nifty Fifty – this is the video by Wistia that inspired me to buy it.

That day, on June 3rd, I went over to my best friend’s parents’ place for brunch. We did some shooting there. I had lovely models to shoot! Don’t you think?

Then we went to the airport to drop my cousin Riju off. She headed back home to Birmingham. Thank you Riju for coming all the way to hang out and celebrate my bday with me! I love you, sis.

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