Paramahamsa Vishwananda in Bellingham

D Follow my Guru Paramahamsa Vishwananda on Twitter @vishwananda. The Darshan today was pretty amazing. I didn’t get to work very much which is very unusual for me since I’ve had a pretty intense job at the last 5 Darshans I’ve been in.

LA to Bellingham

B We arrived in Bellingham today and I flew with Gurudev on the same plane! Aaah! It was also my first time in the West Coast (apart from going to LA with my family when I was 17) and it was my first time seeing the Rockies.

Long Beach Day

Today was incredible. Somehow in the morning, I got to find out that Guruji would be going for a private visit to the Krishna Temple in Culver City in LA and hustled over there with some friends.