Dancing the night away during Navaratri

Dancing the night away during Navaratri

The last time I spent Navaratri at my ashram Shree Peetha Nilaya was in 2013. Had to wait 4 years to experience it again but I’m so grateful that the Divine Mother and Gurudev gave me the opportunity to be at the epic Bhakti Marga Navaratri celebrations again.

This time I couldn’t help myself but dance! As usual, we did Dandiya Raas, AKA dancing with sticks. There was a lull in the dance party during which most of the room was sitting down but the musicians were playing a super fun and super dancey song. So the few Gujrati & Desi devotees in the front got up and started dancing again. I couldn’t help myself and found myself in the mix, dancing away.

You need to dance in pairs for Dandiya Raas and luckily my Bhakti Marga friend Archana from London wanted to dance as well so we became a pair and jumped into the line. This bit here is kind of like line dancing.

Here are some pics of Ma and the Deities on the altar.

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