Introducing Foxtrot Charlie

I’m so happy to introduce a brand new blog to you: FOXTROTCHARLIE.CO – womaned by this lovely human.

It is her birthday today and she gave herself a sweet DSLR camera as a present and is starting a photo project similar to Project 33.

What inspired her to start this project?

The inspiration from this blog stemmed from two sources: my good friend Ritu, and a creative challenge called “100 days of happiness”.

Last year, Ritu started a photo blog on her 33rd birthday as a way to reflect on her daily life for the year, and find ways to be creative and love herself every day. I’ve watched her for the last 10 months, creeping up on the life surrounding us in the office and in our fair city, trying to capture it’s beauty, silliness and overall essence. I aim to follow in her stead and try my best to do her proud in my levels of stalkerazzi.

Check out her work on her site and on Instagram: @foxtrotcharlie.

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