Life in a Snow Globe

Toronto is in the middle of the weirdest storm system right now. Yesterday it went up to 12°C. This morning it was 9°C and right now it plummetted to -6°C and it’s only 4pm. The snow came out of nowhere and blanketed the city in minutes. My coworker Cam was going out to walk his regal dog Mona so I went out with him to snap these pics in the snow.

Cam let me borrow Mona for the pics. Haha. Actually, I offered to hold her so that he could hold my big DSLR camera comfortably to take the pics.

I think Mona and I look great together, don’t you?

Mona is a rescue dog from Mexico. Maybe that’s why she isn’t really feeling the cold snow.

Here’s cam with his beautiful Mona!

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Beach Monday ?

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“I’m a lady.” – Mona

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