Off the shoulder

I had total sensory overload today. A couple of things contributed to that. First, this shirt.

I’d been looking for a classic off the shoulder shirt for a week and found this randomly at the tween store, Ardene. It cost $20 but I care for it as if it’s $200.

Second, I saw my favourite people from a previous job. The guys have a corner of my heart and there were signs from the Universe that I should make an effort to try and see them. Oh, we also ate at Wilbur! My taste buds were doing handstands.

Check out Scott’s amazing work here: Scott Summerhayes

Third, I worked on a video shoot with the talented Scott Summerhayes for work. We got a beautiful Breather room close to our office, staged it perfectly, I ran out to grab iced lattes for our “talent” or interviewees and then Scott did his thing. It was such a rush to be involved in this creative project and I am really excited to see the results.

Fourth, he took these gorgeous photos of me! Thank you, Scott! You rock.

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