Changing Places

It was a very interesting day today. It started off with a mix of emotions – mainly anger and drive. Then some things happened, some meetings and conversations and the tension was dissipated.

No Photo Today

I didn’t take a photo today because I was just so tired that I was falling asleep mid-conversation by 11:30pm. We had some guests over for dinner, our tenant and his girlfriend.

New Hair, New Direction

I’ve been going through a really tough time lately. Some of the causes of this are some big changes in my life, broken expectations, and probably the change in weather.

Lunch at Wilbur

I had lunch with an ex-boss today. We caught up with each other about work, life, travels, family. As usual, it was a pleasure!

St. Lawrence Market on a Saturday

Went to St. Lawrence Market today to stroll around, grab a coffee and something sweet. Unfortunately, the most memorable thing when you walk in is being assaulted by the smell of raw fish and meat.