Partner in Crime at Logojoy

Meet Melissa. She’s the Director of PR at Logojoy, where I work as well. This photo was taken shortly after we both joined the company and turned up to work in the exact same outfit!

That’s not the only thing that we have in common. We both value honesty and we are both super hard working women. What I love most about working with Mel is that she is respectful of the experience, value, and talent of each person that she works with, regardless of their job title or level.


Another thing I love about her style of working is that she starts her conversations with, “Tell me what has been working so far?” instead of “Everything you are doing sucks and this is how I think it should be done.”

Asking first and listening are two things that I value highly in work and in life. I’m grateful to have these qualities in a colleague.

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I must say that it’s so refreshing to work with another woman who isn’t catty or snarky or intimated by you for no apparent reason.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that we are both strongly rooted in our faith practices, which are very different from each but our level of dedication to our practices is probably at a similar level.

Personal priorities like these reflect on the kind of person you are at work as well because after all, you are still interacting with human beings. We can’t forget to treat each other with respect – if we do, it gets harder and harder to receive respect back.


We’ve turned up to work dressed very similarly more than once so we’re clearly on the same wavelength. However, our skillset isn’t identical, but we rather complement each other.

Here’s to more accidental twinning at work!

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