Being pulled by multiple passions

Being pulled by multiple passions

I had a long chat with Mum and Ben this morning over breakfast. The topic was how our lives and careers were shaped by our dreams, decisions and life circumstances.

After the conversation, I came to the realization that it’s OK to have multiple passions and it’s OK to have hobbies. I have had hobbies that I’ve been very invested in ever since I was a child. Being influenced by hustlers like Chris Guillebeau and others who look down on having hobbies that don’t generate income, I started to doubt myself and my hobbies. I started to wonder, “How can I monetize my hobbies? How can I earn a little from them instead of them sucking money out of my pocket?”

I realize that it’s OK to be multi-passionate. It’s OK to have more than one thing that you’re into. It’s OK to do something, like photography for me, just because you love to do it and not to question the fact that you’re not earning money for it. And freezing a moment in time with the ones I love most is what makes is so OK and so worth it.

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