Pumpkin Patch

Today was a monumental day! It was my first time flying with Ben. He’s a pilot so he flew the plane. I’ll post those pics here later.

After the flight, we went to an outdoor pumpkin farm and orchard with a big playground for kids to celebrate this lovely girl’s birthday.

We played around in the gorgeous venue afterward, taking pics and having fun with all the beautiful Fall things like pumpkins and hay.

Don’t ask what I’m doing here. Even the big fox in the back is confused!

Getting a tiny bit more serious now, I spotted this beautiful weathered wooden bench against a perfectly white wall with a overflowing and flowering plant on the windowsill. This was too perfect a photo background to not snap some pics in. Enter Ben’s amazing photography skills and by very-tired-at-this-point modeling skills.

Finally, the big reveal!

The scenery was very beautiful and made the perfect 3D frame for photos. After making some of the parents and kids pose for pics, I really wanted one of Ben and me. So here we are!

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