Sharanagata Vatsala Narasimha Dev

Today was a combination of easy and difficult. I’ve been dealing with a personal problem for the last 3-4 weeks. A change has come into my physical surroundings, namely in my office building, and it’s bothering me.

Change is hard for everyone. That’s not a big secret.

And how this change is bugging me has nothing to do with others and lies completely with me.

Luckily, Guruji or The Universe, whatever you want to call it, sent help.

I’ve been really blessed to be working with a talented therapist and friend on this issue. No matter how big I make the monster in my head, I know I can’t be hurt. Why? Because my friend loves me. She loves me so much. And love is the strongest shield in the universe.

Looking at this issue and why it is bothering me, I was able to learn from experience that when you feel loved, it is a lot easier to be in Sharanagati.

I was moved during my puja this evening. Maybe because I got to experience that I’m taken care of and protected by my friend and counselor and also by my Deity, Narashinghadev.

Thank you Narashinghadev for coming to me when I call you. Thank you for making your presence be felt during my prayer. Thank you Guruji for everything and for all the little gifts.

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