Smiling for no reason

We had lunch as a team.

Then I had my Tarot cards read. So much interesting stuff in there about work, love and my future. I learnt that I’ll always have temptation with me, until the end. If I give into it, then I’ll throw away everything else I have and have worked to get until now. If I don’t, then I’m good.

After the reading, my friend and fellow Kriya Yogi Nishant and I went for Bubble Tea to Kekou on Queen St. We didn’t talk as much as we usually do but I was happy to just be in silence.

When I got home, I couldn’t stop smiling. There was joy and a state of relaxation in the day. One contributing factor could be that I chatted with a friend from my spiritual community, Bhakti Marga for a while. That always makes me feel so much more connected.

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