We celebrated Halloween by dressing up for work today. We had a T Bird from Grease, a Superman, a historic Duke Leopold, Wayne + Garth from Wayne’s World (the best movie ever), a sleepy person, a skeleton, a copy-cat, a Unicorn, and a News anchor (me).

Meditation in the Park

I’ve been meditating regularly for almost 5 years now and daily for the last 3 years. Here’s the full story. It is the single most important activity in my life.

Off the shoulder

I had total sensory overload today. A couple of things contributed to that. First, this shirt. I’d been looking for a classic off the shoulder shirt for a week and found this randomly at the tween store, Ardene.


This is Brosco. He’s the best friend of Chris, from Toronto Creatives. We work out of the same coworking space in Toronto.