Teaching Meditation to my Office

One of my lifelong goals was accomplished today. I taught meditation in my office! The opportunity came when our Head of Talent, Emma, sent a message to the whole office asking for suggestions about what we’d like to learn about in our weekly lunch and learns.

Changing Places

It was a very interesting day today. It started off with a mix of emotions – mainly anger and drive. Then some things happened, some meetings and conversations and the tension was dissipated.

Lunch at Wilbur

I had lunch with an ex-boss today. We caught up with each other about work, life, travels, family. As usual, it was a pleasure!


We celebrated Halloween by dressing up for work today. We had a T Bird from Grease, a Superman, a historic Duke Leopold, Wayne + Garth from Wayne’s World (the best movie ever), a sleepy person, a skeleton, a copy-cat, a Unicorn, and a News anchor (me).

Off the shoulder

I had total sensory overload today. A couple of things contributed to that. First, this shirt. I’d been looking for a classic off the shoulder shirt for a week and found this randomly at the tween store, Ardene.

Ping Pong Break

I have a tendency to work like a maniac during a certain phase of the month. It’s my natural rhythm of productivity and the flip side of this is intense relaxation.

Partner in Crime at Logojoy

Meet Melissa. She’s the Director of PR at Logojoy, where I work as well. This photo was taken shortly after we both joined the company and turned up to work in the exact same outfit!