New Hair, New Direction

I’ve been going through a really tough time lately. Some of the causes of this are some big changes in my life, broken expectations, and probably the change in weather.

Lunch at Wilbur

I had lunch with an ex-boss today. We caught up with each other about work, life, travels, family. As usual, it was a pleasure!

St. Lawrence Market on a Saturday

Went to St. Lawrence Market today to stroll around, grab a coffee and something sweet. Unfortunately, the most memorable thing when you walk in is being assaulted by the smell of raw fish and meat.


We celebrated Halloween by dressing up for work today. We had a T Bird from Grease, a Superman, a historic Duke Leopold, Wayne + Garth from Wayne’s World (the best movie ever), a sleepy person, a skeleton, a copy-cat, a Unicorn, and a News anchor (me).

Just Love Hat

My coworker was wearing this kick-ass hat today with such a cool message. I loved it even more because this message of “Just Love”