Shopping in Rapperswil

I went shopping in Rapperswil today, which is a town about 20 mins from our place. It was a great shopping experience mainly because be found exactly what we were looking for.

Sunset over Lake Zurich

I was so lucky to be able to spend Christmas with Ben and his family this year. The alternative was to stay in Toronto by myself since Mum is in Bangladesh right now.

St. Lawrence Market on a Saturday

Went to St. Lawrence Market today to stroll around, grab a coffee and something sweet. Unfortunately, the most memorable thing when you walk in is being assaulted by the smell of raw fish and meat.

Baby Zack

I traveled to Montreal today to see my childhood friend Melina and to meet her first baby, Zack. Mel is the first good friend I made in Canada when I moved here at the age of 13.

By Lake Zurich

There was a really cool event by Lake Zurich today called Slow Up. Luckily I was there at that time and got to participate.