Take a good look at yourself

I stayed up late talking to a friend on the phone tonight. Her biggest advice was this:

“If something is bothering you it is the surest thing that you need to look at it.”

She also said, “You can’t change anything else, only yourself.”

I had been making someone into a monster in my mind. The image would pop up after meditation and my Kriya practice and it was related to the story of Narasimha and Prahlada.

To my surprise, my friend said that maybe there is a monster within me and that’s what I’m projecting onto the person.

It’s possible. I definitely need to take a good look at myself.

Update (10/10): I realized that the part I played in the drama that led to my original experience was probably the fact that I didn’t grow into what was needed from someone in my position. It’s a possibility.

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