Teaching Meditation to my Office

One of my lifelong goals was accomplished today. I taught meditation in my office!

The opportunity came when our Head of Talent, Emma, sent a message to the whole office asking for suggestions about what we’d like to learn about in our weekly lunch and learns. I jumped on the opportunity and volunteered myself to lead a lunch and learn about meditation.

The company provided the delicious and healthy food and the platform. I provided the slides, stats, and guided meditations.

I knew that that kind of information that would appeal to my tech-minded colleagues would be productivity so I focused my talk on how meditation improves productivity. Brainwaves play a huge part in it so I spent a decent amount of time explaining how meditation affects brainwaves. I found an excellent article on the topic and I shared it with the office afterward.

I even shared a photo of my first time meditating on my own. It was in Ibiza and I swam to an inaccessible part of the beach, climbed some rocks and meditated.

Here’s what I wrote on Instagram about the experience:

Meditation has changed my life and I keep saying it over and over again. Well, today I got to say it in from of my co-workers and share my love for it with the people I spend the majority of my waking hours with. I don’t like to mix my two worlds – my office world and my private meditation world – so I was a bit nervous to present meditation and lead a lunch and learn session on it at work. Would I be able to get through to my friends at work? Would they think I’m weird for doing something so “out there” like meditation and taking openly about it? Would I be able to successfully guide them to have a good meditation? Despite the questions and nervousness, I went ahead with it and it went so well! By the end of the final meditation session, a different calmness had set into the space. It was incredible and it made me so happy! There is no other high that’s as good as a great #meditation session! So, let’s get elevated!

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